I Letter of Cardinal Giuliano Cesarini to Sister Colette Boylet
25 February 1436

in Latin.

Cardinal Giuliano Cesarini presided, was the Legate of Pope Eugene IV at the Council of Basle. His task was difficult and delicate in the midst of the passionate contests of several eminent people. On the 25 February 1436 ,the Cardinal wrote to Colette to ask her to intervene with King Jaques II Bourbon, (the father of two of Colette’s sisters) on his behalf and get him to reinstate Bishop Bernard whose rights the Council had just recognized to the episcopal see of Albi. This appeal to the saint presumably means that Colette was already known to the Cardinal. It confirms the opinion that she had already written letters of light and encouragement to the assembly.

To the venerable and religious lady, Sister Colette, as to an Honoured Mother. Venerable and religious Lady, in as much as I know that you, as a Catholic lady, have much affection (or concern) for the sacred Council of Basil, I am writing to you most willingly about what concerns the honour of this sacred Council. The day before yesterday it was declared and judged by the sentence of the sacred Council with all the mature consideration neccesary, that the government of the church at Albi,which with all due rights belongs to the reverend Father, His Lordship Bernard, Bishop of Albi, should be returned and entrusted to him. And because certain people, in defiance of the universal Church, have the intention of arousing lively opposition to this declaration thus solemnly rendered, we beg that you would, in a matter so highly to be recommended, give favourable assistance to the said bishop, as much as you are able, so that the ordinances and decrees of the sacred Council may be carried out; and so that they may be observed, and in order to give aid and support to the said Bishop, that you would guide by your counsels and exhortations his most serene Highness King Jacques, with whom we know you have much influence, and in whose realm lies a great part of the said diocese. And in so doing the King himself will attain more easily with your help that perfection he has taken upon himself because he will obey the commandments and the ordinances at the universal church, his Mother which the sacred Council represents, and moreover he will ensure that his son follows in the steps of his father regarding this great work. That is why we beg you most urgently to exhort him to obey the Church. In this way both you and they will by this action acquire very great merit in the sight of Almighty God and do something very agreeable to the sacred Council; and we too, who bear much affection towards this same bishop will feel great pleasure if we know that by your action the said bishop whom we have recommended is received favourably by his royal Highness and by his son in this matter, and so we recommend it to you most pressingly.

I wish you every joy.

Given at Basel, 25 February 1436
Giuliano, Cardinal of Santa Sabina
Legate of the Apostolic See.