II Letter of Cardinal Giuliano to Sister Colette Boylet
7 September 1438

in Latin,

The Cardinal by this time has clearly met Holy Mother and got to know her much better!

To the venerable Sister Colette of the order of Saint Clare, as to a well loved Mother.

My well loved Mother,
I thank you from the bottom of my heart, for having deigned to reply several times by means of your very sweet letters, but I render even more thanks beyond all comparison for your remembrance of me in your holy prayers. I beg you by the love and by the holy wounds of Jesus Christ that you will deign to recommend me every day to the Lord Jesus Christ himself, as I have already asked you, and as you have promised to do.

If every son who loves his mother dearly merits to receive something from her, then certainly I, who love you more than if you had born me yourself, ought to obtain this grace from you. I have already asked that I may know that once a day you will say these few words in the presence our Lord Jesus Christ: “Lord Jesus Christ, I beg you to deign to grant to your servant Giuliano this grace, that he may never offend your Majesty but may be always pleasing to you, and that he die contrite, having made a good confession and having received devoutly the sacraments of the Church, in the grace of your Majesty.” I ask you this service, my sweet Mother; they are very few words which can be said without great effort. And so that you may do it all the more willingly, you can make this request for the one as well as for the other, that is to say, for yourself as well as me: “I beg you, Lord Jesus Christ, that you will deign to grant to me, your handmaid, and to Giuliano your servant, this grace, that we may never offend your Majesty but always be pleasing to you,and that we may die well confessed and contrite, having received with devotion the sacraments of the Church, and the grace of your Majesty,” I beg you most urgently, my beloved Mother , to let me have an answer telling me for my consolation that you have the intention of carrying out my request. I hope from your love that you have already been doing this for a long time, and that you will support me until death in this saving and necessary prayer for myself.

And because more over, it is just that a son should provide for the wants of his mother, as I know you have nothing but have abandoned yourself to the love of God, I am sending you with this letter twelve Rhenish florins for your garments so that when you wear them you will remember me. If you are in need of anything else I beg you let me know, because as I said earlier, I will take care of you just as if it were you who brought me into the world. I have seen your Statutes and Declarations: they truly give an immense pleasure because they seem to have been made with a great fervour for the regular observance. I implore you to charge your Sisters to pray for me. They are your daughters and I to am your son. I consider them therefore as my sisters. And a sister is bound to pray for her brother. With all my heart I implore you to pray for the happy outcome of this sacred Council to the honour of God , and the useful service of the Church and all Christian people.

May all go well with you, in the Lord, and with your holy Sisters.

At Basel, the vigil of the Nativity of the glorious Virgin Mary, 1438

Your son, Giuliano, Cardinal of San Angelo