I Letter of St Colette to the Colettines at Puy
Undated, but before 1439


My very dear Mother Vicaress and my dearly loved Sisters. As much and as humbly as I can, in the presence of our Lord, I recommend my poor soul to your good and devout prayers and intercession, desiring most affectionately that you may grow more and more unceasingly in the most perfect love of God and the true observance of your holy Rule, And may it please you to know that in accordance with the tenor of your letters to our reverend Father Broth Henry and myself, that we agree as best we have it in our power, to the election of your Abbess according to your petitions (i.e. votes in the chapter of election) for the honour of God and the salvation of your souls. We have named Sister Agnes de Montfaucon as your Abbess, approved by ourselves and confirmed by this letter, which we send and convey to you, most humbly beseeching you all to receive her willingly as your Abbess, loyally and peaceably, obeying her humbly and promptly remaining under her authority so that she may render a good and loyal account of you to God for his honour and in the discharge of her own conscience and of your souls. And for your part, Mother Vicaress, as you already know the spiritual and temporal running of the monastery, I recommend her to you affectionately, praying very dearly that you will help her , and council her in every way you can for the well-being and good ordering of the convent and the good observance of everything. And pray the blessed Holy Spirit that he will always keep you all in his holy grace. Amen.

Written on the feast of Saint ... (the date has disappeared)