Letter of St Colette to Pierre de Rheims (or de Vaux)
c 1439

Colette called upon Father Pierre de Vaux to replace Father Henri as her chaplain. He is obviously flustered about looking after a saint and she assures him that she needs no favours and that her soul is a poor and lowly thing and begs him, in the gentlest way, to look after his own! Father Pierre became her biographer

Jesus + Maria

My very dear and well loved Father in our Lord,

I recommend to you my poor soul, the poorest in all the world. Alas! What shall I be, what will become of me in the presence of the sovereign Judge? Indeed, I do not dare to think on my terrible offenses which I believe would cause utter despair; I am without any awareness of spiritual good.

My dear Father, with all the power of my poor soul, I beg you to make every effort that you can to love our Lord. May you heart be filled with the blessed Passion of our Blessed Saviour. Bear his pains and feel them like a true child of his. Follow after him wherever he goes, with ardent desire, and distrust all other love than his. May your hope be entirely in him and then I trust he will do much good for you.

Praise and thank him often, and may his holy fear be always in your heart, my Father.

Do not have any anxiety about me and do not bother about doing me any favours. Our Saviour has greater pity on me than I am worthy of.

May he watch over your soul. Amen.

Sister Colette