II Letter of St Colette to the Poor Clares at Puy, also on Father Henri’s death

To my very dear and much loved Mothers and friends in all the Sisters, this letter is humbly presented.


My dearest Mothers and Sisters in the love of our sweet Saviour Jesus Christ.

As humbly and lovingly as I can, I recommend my poor soul before our Lord in your good prayers and holy intercession, desiring with my whole heart your spiritual and corporal good. And I pray you most earnestly to be good and perfect religious, loving, fearing and reverencing God above all else, keeping your holy Rule perfectly and following the good advice of the prelates set over you and the good ordinances and admonitions and example which our Reverend father, Brother Henri de Balme has so often shown and handed down to you; and I recommend and dearly as I can, for he is well worthy of our prayers and we are greatly bound to offer them, for he was always a true and good pastor to us. And always be well patient in everything and be humble, devout and perfect religious. I recommend to you our reverend Father, Brother Pierre de Rheims, who labours constantly for the love of God and for the good of religion.

May God who is unending, my dearest sisters, keep you always in his care. Amen.