Letter of St Colette to the Poor Clares at Ghent
End of 1442?

This letter to the community appears to have accompanied that to Marie de Boen


My very dear and well beloved Mothers and Daughters and Sisters in God,

I recommend as humbly as I may my poor soul before our Lord most warmly in your good prayers and devout petitions. I desire your good health and spiritual and bodily prosperity, praying you most earnestly to take pains and be most diligent in your efforts to be true and perfect religious, basing all your works on the principle of profound humility, having your hearts enkindled with the perfect love of God, serving him with great care, humbly and devotedly, keeping your holy rule in its entirety, and rendering to him all you have voluntarily vowed and promised, resisting strong in virtue the persecutions and temptations of the devil. Notwithstanding that we are weak and feeble, our infernal enemy does not have the power to over come us, if we do not wish to be overcome, and posses our souls in patience in all contradictions and adversities.

We always profit and bear more fruit in tribulations and afflictions than in times of prosperity and consolation, and the straight and sound way,which leads to the everlasting Kingdom, unfailing and without turning aside from its course, is the one of tribulation and affliction unjustly caused and brave with patience. As for the daughters about whom you wrote to me, I have written to Mother Abbess telling her of my intention.

I recommend language pronunciation for the Flemish.

My good Father in Christ, Brother Pierre, recommends himself humbly to you.

I pray the Holy Spirit to keep you always in his holy grace. Amen!