II Letter of St Colette to benefactors at Ghent regarding the monastery being built by them as a gift to the order
13th October 1442?

To my dear and honoured Sirs, Daniel de Varrenewiic, Jean de Oeuvre, Jacques de Bassevelde and Jean de Hot.


Very dear and honoured Sirs,
as humbly as I may and know in the charity of our most piteous Redeemer, I recommend my poor soul to your good grace and to your devout prayers and holy intercession, desiring with all my heart your good health and spiritual and material prosperity.

I beseech you most affectionately that before all other worldly and transitory things your desire may be to love God perfectly and to serve him humbly and devoutly, loyally holding fast to his worthy and salutary commandments, which it is necessary to keep for the health of the soul, and to preserve your souls and consciences pure and spotless without mortal sin. Do nothing in the sight of his sovereign Majesty and glorious presence which you would not do before anyone lesser or greater than you. Wherever we are, we a always present to him, and he sees us clearly within and without and knows us better than we know ourselves, which is why in all places and at all times we should keep watch over our thoughts and our words, doing nothing which would be displeasing or detestable to him.

May it please you to know that through the sovereign bounty of God both myself and all our company have arrived safe and sound at the town of Besançon on 11 October without any further obstacles, for which we must certainly give all praise and glory to God. I humbly beg you to keep cordial watch over the convent and not to allow anything to be done for it which would be against God and contrary to the regular observance.

Very dear and honoured Sirs, I humbly beseech the holy Spirit to watch over you unceasingly and to keep you in his grace and to bring you at last to eternal life.

Written at Besancon, 13 October.

The most unworthy hand maid of Jesus Christ and his useless suppliant,
Sister Colette