St Colette’s Letter of Affiliation to Seigneur Bartholome de Dijon
15 October 1446.

At Ty Mam Duw, we still use this text of affiliation for those people who have, for the love of God, served and befriended our community during their pilgrimage on earth.

To our very dear and much loved Bartholome de Dijon,
Sister Colette, humble religious of the Order of the Poor Ladies of Saint Clare and the other poor ladies of the said Order, wishes salvation in our Lord and spiritual consolation.

As it is as much for the love and reverence of God as for the good affection and devotion you have for our holy Order with the good esteem which you have for our poor religious, without any merit of ours, it has pleased you in your humility to stay and reside for a long time in our convent of Besançon, occupying and exerting yourself in the labours and service appropriate and necessary for the said convent and for the religious sisters and brothers of the said convent. We offer and grant to you in life and after death a full share in all the good works which it please God to give us, be they in masses, in fasts, in prayers and in vigils, abstinence and discipline or in any other benefits or good exercises which may be carried out in perpetuity in our congregation, as the most sovereign divine bounty may mercifully deign to accept them and find them pleasing in his sight.

Given at Ghent, under my seal,
15 October, the year of our Lord 1446.