Second Letter to the Monks of Corbie

(10 March 1446?)       

Not content with Colette's answer, the monks pressed once more for her to bring the work of construction to a halt immediately. Colette wrote this second letter full of a humble grandeur, accepting their refusal of the convent. The manuscript is in the archives of the monastery of Amiens kept at Poligny.                        

Most honoured and reverend Sirs, as humbly as I can and may, I recommend my poor soul to your devout prayers and holy intercession. May it please you to know that I have received the letters which you have been pleased to write and send me, in which are contained several points touching on the foundation of the convent of our Order which Mgr de Saveuse is having built in your town. Having seen them, I have sent with all haste to the said Lord of Saveuse to request and beg him most strongly to desist from the said foundation, notwithstanding that I have already requested and prayed him on an earlier occasion most humbly to do so. Most honoured and revered Sirs, I humbly beg the blessed Holy Spirit to keep you in his holy grace and lead you at last to eternal glory. Amen.                                                   

Written at Hesdin, 10th March,              

Your very useless handmaid who prays for you, Sister Colette