Letter of St Colette to Brother Jehan Lanie de Puy
Second day of Lent, 1447 from Ghent

To my very dear Father in God, Brother Jehan Lanie de Puy.

Very dear Father in our Lord, I recommend myself to you as dearly as I can, and to your good prayers and intercession. I beg you, my dear Father, to love and fear our Lord indeed, for his sake keeping well with all your strength all that you have promised him, and to accept with good patience your feebleness and old age, and to acknowledge truly the graces which he has given you in the holy vocation to which you have been called by his bounty. I am sending to Puy, Father, Brother Jehan Frisseau to be confessor there, for I have heard that you truly no longer perform this office; have no doubt but that he and the Sisters will do all that they can to please you; for it is my wish and my desire that it should be so.

I thank you, my dear Father, for all the help and service that you have given to my Sisters who give you great praise. I pray the One for whom you have done this that he will be your eternal joy. Amen.

Written at Ghent, the second day of Lent.

Sister Colette Boylet