The Dormitory is like a hallway, but very, very long. All our cells come off it. Cell; this our word for bedroom. We sleep in cells. In each cell we have a bed and a shelf where we can put our habits and clothing. Each morning one sister goes down the dormitory ringing a bell to wake us all up. 

We, like you, have a kitchen. Our kitchen is probably just a little bit bigger than yours. Each day one sister is given the task of cooking for the rest of us. It is not always the same sister and most of us try cooking our best dishes. All of us help wash up.

This is where Jesus lives in the Blessed Sacrament. We come here to adore and worship Him. We pray here as a community and it is here that Holy Mass is celebrated. People are welcome to come and pray in the extern chapel and to join us for Holy Mass each day.

Our Lady’s Shrine where we come every night to sing her a hymn and get a blessing. People come to light candles beside her picture and to pray. “Holy Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven, Pray for us.” 


St Clare’s is our woodwork room. Here we cut, glue and drill wood. You name it, we do it with wood here. This is where we make all things woody for our craft room. There are pictures, boxes, and all sorts of knickknacks. 

This is where we put together booklets and do our printing. Pasting, collating and printing, it all happens here. We have some lovely books in our craft room. There are books about saints and quotes from Pope Francis, and Franciscan leaflets and booklets that have been made here.

This is our Library and meeting room. It is a place where the community meet to talk about work that needs to be done or things that will be happening. We also use this room sometimes for slideshows or presentations.


This is where the Community sisters do all sorts of sewing, knitting, vestments, church linen and other crafts. We also use this room when we have recreation or a celebration, like Mother’s feast day. Sometimes on special occasions we watch the Pope on TV. This is where we watched the election of Pope Francis.



This is where we eat. It is like your dining room. Sometimes on very special occasions, like a jubilee of Profession or when a sister is clothed in the habit, we decorate the refectory with pictures and colourful place mats. We also have a crib in the refectory at Christmas.


We grow some fruit and vegetables in our garden. We also have flower beds where we grow flowers to put in our chapel. Throughout the year there are many things to be done in the garden. In spring we get the ground ready so that we can plant our crops. In summer we pick fruit. In autumn we harvest vegetables and apples from our little orchard. In winter we tidy the garden and if snow falls we sometimes have to dig our way out.