Brother Juniper

This is Brother Juniper, he was always doing unexpected things, but Saint Francis liked him! One day, to save the other brothers work, he threw all the food for a fortnight into the pot to cook together; which was not a perfect success! 

Brother Juniper was wandering around the monastery and he kept finding beads. A kind friend of the community gave him some invisible thread, which he could rarely find and some wire: so he started making jewellery!

There is a lot of stuff around about jewellery - but this is a beginners entry point!

Peyote stitch bracelet patterns.

We like to share the things we do that might give joy - and Ideas - to others.

Peyote stitch bracelet patterns

You can adapt this pattern to any materials you wish, you can use round beads, seed beads, ‘hama’ style beads, square beads, tile beads, as long as the beads are all the same size. These two Welsh patterns are for a smaller child’s sized bracelet, to make them adult size all you need to do is to add more pattern at each end.

If you don't know how to do peyote stitch, CLICK HERE FOR PDF