We like to share the things we do that might give joy - and ideas - to others. Some of this work is done on tapestry canvas. The three dimensional designs are sculptured in plastic canvas and are complimented by polymer clay pieces. Fimo and Sculpy are trade names. The embroidery is counted thread work in soft embroidery cotton



A simple box design. The 100 Scripture texts on scrolls were set up & printed off the computer by a very tidy worker and rolled up round the stave of a crochet hook!
The Fimo motif is a dove and a book.

Sorry! You cannot clearly see the Christchild on a wisp of angel hair in the heart of the rose The base is a standard small square with cut edges to form a leaf the petals were cut into the edges of two circles, covered in random long and short stitch and crocheted round (the rough cut edges then disappear). Then - the under-twelves are recommended to get the help of a tame adult put a bit of cotton or linen over the edge of a medium hot iron and bend the end of the petals over it. The canvas can be made to kink without melting; but be prudent! And don’t try it on plastic canvas that has not yet been covered by embroidery!


The central panel of this vestment - the over garment worn by priests in church - is florentine work with the central motif worked in satin stitch over the canvas threads. You are looking at the back which features St Colette; the front has St Clare. You are also looking at some of the makers. Each line of the florentine took an hour.

The designer, who is laughing, is hiding behind the tailor’s dummy, the embroideress is in the foreground and the hero who sewed in the ends is grinning behind her!