We like to share the things we do that might give joy - and ideas - to others. Some of this work is done on tapestry canvas. The three dimensional designs are sculptured in plastic canvas and are complimented by polymer clay pieces. Fimo and Sculpy are trade names. The embroidery is counted thread work in soft embroidery cotton

Angels and stars - for Christmas decorations

The yellow angel’s skirt is cut out of a circle; the wings are a single flat piece. The angel’s body is make out of Fimo, tucked inside the skirt and sewn in place. The orange angels on the window ledge have butterfly wings cut out of the segments of a circle with picot crochet edges. Here the upper body has a central shaft sewn into the skirt and a Fimo over-skirt . The wire halos we stuck into the angels shoulders before the pieces of Fimo were cooked in the oven!

The first pattern is for an angel with sleeves It had separate forearms moulded over wire fitted into the sleeves - unfortunately we cannot find a picture of the design made up. The second (likewise) is for a small angel with art deco wings both of these designs employ skirts cut from squared canvas. The pattern for the angel below is on the Big Crib. With this basic principle the varieties are infinite.The stars were made out of designer canvas from Darico - we simply cut out the middle bit

Trifold crib

Not a beginner’s project! If you really feel you would like to tackle it contact us.