Letter of St Colette to Sister Louise Bassande of the Colettines at Auxonne
c. 1416

To my dear and well-beloved daughter in God, Sr Louise Bassande, in the convent at Auxonne. May this letter be humbly presented to her.

Jesus + Maria

My very dear and much loved daughter in Our Lord, as humbly as I am able I recommend myself to you and to your good prayers before Our Lord begging you affectionately to always show yourself a good daughter, devout, humble, patient and obedient to your superiors and to all your good sisters for love of our Lord who was obedient even unto death - and always trust in the good advice of your dear sisters, because I have left you at the convent of Auxonne for your well being. It is a good convent and I know they are good religious.

Entrust your heart completely to God; for those of us who have left the world ought not to preoccupy ourselves with parents or friends, except to pray for their salvation. I recommend myself humbly to your Mother when she comes to see you, and to our Mother Abbess and all my good sisters, I pray the Holy Spirit to keep you in holy care and to fulfil all your good desires. Amen.

Sister Colette