Lord Where do you live?

Come and see

Do you want to be a couch potato (of any age?)

For many people in fact, it is much easier and better to have drowsy and dull kids who confuse happiness with a sofa.  For many people, that is more convenient than having young people who are alert and searching, trying to respond to God’s dream and to all the restlessness present in the human heart. 

I ask you: do you want to be young people who nod off, who are drowsy and dull?  [No!] 

Do you want others to decide your future for you?  [No!] 

Do you want to be free?  [Yes!] 

Do you want to be alert?  [Yes!] 

Do you want to work hard for your future?  [Yes!]  

You don’t seem very convinced…  Do you want to work hard for your future?  [Yes!]

My friends, Jesus is the Lord of risk, he is the Lord of the eternal “more”.  Jesus is not the Lord of comfort, security and ease.  Following Jesus demands a good dose of courage, a readiness to trade in the sofa for a pair of walking shoes and to set out on new and uncharted paths.  To blaze trails that open up new horizons capable of spreading joy, the joy that is born of God’s love and wells up in your hearts with every act of mercy.  To take the path of the “craziness” of our God!

Pope Francis, World Youth Day Vigil in Krakow 2016

Am I called to be a Poor Clare Colettine?

(Gentlemen are advised to visit the Friars Minor, Friars Minor Capuchin, Friars Minor Conventuals, Friars of the Renwal and the Other Friars...)

What you need to ask the Holy Spirit is: Lord where do you want me?  Ours is a life of highest poverty and holy unity. Our Father, Francis, said, "I have come to be a new kind of fool in the world!"

Our gift in the church is to be a community of praise, openness, forgiveness and mutual affection, so as to heal the wounds of sin and division by living together in peace, joy, justice and poverty.  Prayer can be learned.  You do notneed a higher degree in mysticism, all you really require is the love to answer the Lord's invitation,"I did not come to call the righteous but sinners!"