We’ve arrived in Nottingham! Welcome to the Marian House of the Holy Spirit - Poor Clare Colettine Community - ( Ty Mam Duw on the move!)

Our Holy Father Francis started it all - something your little sisters made in between loading lorries, painting walls, having huge bonfires and packing things…

To enable us to keep in contact with our friends and benefactors we have made a tentative start on FACEBOOK. It is work in progress, please come and find us under Poor Clare Colettines. If you can't find us let us know!!


This is our new logo. Marian House is built like two houses side by side, in front is an open door. The tree shaped tau is for Francis - and Nottingham forest. The rainbow is for the many cultures and nations from which the Lord called us. Marian House whose roofs form an M shape is being carried by the Holy Spirit, which is Nottingham’s original dedication. Since ours is Mary, we feel that together we form the Annunciation

New visitors

Ty Mam Duw PCC in Wales is about to arrive at Marian House of the Holy Spirit PCC in Nottingham. It has been about to arrive since August 2!!!!!! The pictures above are of some of TMD at the celebrations in September of Marian House’s 90th Anniversary. Our dear sisters in the wrap-arounds on the right are Sister Lily, Sister Clare, Sister Mercy and Sister Francis

This Website

Would you like us to join you in prayer for something special?

Many people want to be prayed for because they long to conceive a child, are expecting one or have sick children.  Read about Saint Colette and the babies (we are not Colettines for nothing!)

Part of these pages constitute a prayerful pilgrimage with music and pictures round the life of the Lord Jesus, Mary, his saints, some popes and others of his friends - there are lots of stories.

Would you like a bit of support learning to pray the scriptures?

We have pages for Kids and a Kid's Blog: Anezka's nest.  There is also a special Prayerline for Kids

Would you like to know little abour Ty Mam Duw (Us)? and would you like to join the hundreds of men and women who share our life of prayer in the every-day world - the Sharers?

Or, do you feel the Lord may be inviting you to live our life - the invitation is only for ladies!!

'Littlehearts' get a daily prayer or meditation, and the various prayerlines are for all.

Nervously, we have opened our first small shop: Clare trade.  We were no end encouraged to sell something on the first day it went up!

Down at the bottom, there are craft galleries, archives and a map of how to get here with full contact details.

And there is a lot more....