Welcome to TMD Music This is a selection of music written by our sisters, singly and in groups. We have songs, hymns, psalms and canticles, Mass settings, responsories & ostinato chorales, chants & psalm tones and blessings.

This is the beginning, we hope you enjoy it.

We have a PDF score and an MP3 soundtrack. We use the free services of Musescore and ScoreCloud as they graciously host us for free we can only display 5 and 10 scores respectively. This is our Musescore page and you will find ScoreCloud here


We wish you to take this music to your homes and churches so that we may join together in praise.

The first ever piece of TMD music was composed on a Sunday afternoon with one of the sisters singing as she walked around the garden, followed by a second sister with no previous experience and a descant recorder trying to take it down. From such small beginnings with much patience and joy things happen......