Introducing Clare

Clare, whose feastday is 11 August, may be your patron saint or you may be interested in her life because it is interlinked with that of St Francis.

What part does Clare play in the media? She is the patron Saint of Television and Radio - and by association of the internet!

What is it that makes for holiness? Clare is a magnificent guide to the life in the Spirit. You will find her way of prayer outlined in her four letters to St Agnes of Prague.

If you want to grasp the heart of Clare, read her Testament. But if you read her Form of Life (our rule) take into account that the thirteenth century is another county, one in which you could find an army hammering at your well-bolted gates! The twenty-first century has other problems! We at Ty Mam Duw are aiming in the direction in which Clare is pointing, but sometimes we have to take a slightly different path to get to the same destination

Pope Innocent IV confirmed to Clare that for which she had asked: a life of 'highest poverty and holy unity'. At the heart of the rule is the wonderful phrase: 'if a mother loves and nourishes her child according to the flesh, how much more should a sister love and nourish her sister.'

Death is the gateway to eternal life. We commemorate Clare’s transitus into heaven each year and we give the text so that you can join us! We have added the scores of the music that can be used for this, both the ancient plainchant anthems and contemporary TMD songs!



Saint Clare: A Quick Chronology

1193 (or 1194) Clare is born.

1199 Clare, aged 5, goes into exile to Perugia with her family.

1205 Clare and her family return to Assisi.
Francis’ sudden conversion is all the talk.
Clare is twelve.
She sends gifts of food to those working on the repair of San Damiano.

1210 Francis short rule of Gospel quotations is verbally accepted by Innocent III

1212 Francis persuades Clare to follow the Gospel.
18th March. Palm Sunday. She leaves home and puts on the habit.
Agnes, Pacifica and Illuminata have joined her before the year ends.

c 1213 Francis’ Form of Life for Clare.

1215 Begs Privilege of Holy Poverty from Innocent III.

1219? Sends Agnes to Monticelli as Abbess

1228 Francis dies.
Clare is extremely ill.
Gregory IX renews the Privilege of Poverty but imposes Rule of Benedict.
More than 26 Poor Clare Houses in existence

1234 First letter of Agnes of Bohemia .
Sends sisters to Prague.

c 1241 San Damiano wall scaled by Saracen mercenaries: prays before Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament

c 1247 Clare's Testament

1253 There are now over 80 Poor Clare houses in Europe.
Confirmation of Clare’s Rule
Clare dies

1255 Clare canonized