Litany of St Francis

God our Father in in Heaven Have mercy on us
God the Son redeemer of the World
God the Holy Spirit
Holy trinity one God

Holy Father St Francis Pray for us
Man of prayer
Friend of the angels
Man of reconciliation
Faithful servant of Christ
Follower of the footprints of Jesus
Herald of the Great King
Observer of the Holy Gospel
Herald of the Lord’s peace
Herald of mercy
Lover of life itself
Herald of the Good News
Who showed reverence for creation

Holy Father St Francis Teach us to follow the Lord
New Apostle
Most blest Father who loved his brothers
Disciple of humility
Man of simplicity
Prince of poverty
Man of simple holiness
Heir of Christ
He whose mind and heart were always raised to God
Man rapt in prayer and ecstasy
Man of chaste vision
Mother to his Sons
Player of sweet melodies

Holy Father St Francis Lead us to love the Lord Jesus
Witness of the wounds of God
Fool for Christ
Who lived the passion of Jesus
Who was tempted by the devil
Who fasted
Who made God’s word his way
Who recognised falsehood and truth
Who gave us hope
Who foresaw the temptations and troubles of his Brothers
Who gave us freedom
Who rebuked the sins of the people
Who rebuilt the Church
Who gave the habit to Clare
Who begged for the Love of God
Who gave the kiss of peace to the leper
Who venerated the Nativity of our Lord
Who blest the fire that burned him
A man full of inward and outward joy
A man wrapped in love

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