How to move a monastery 9


Ty Mam Duw Marian House - no - Still TMD

We had just been given four days of prayer and rest. Before the final push, due to be on what is already our foundation day - the feast of St Michael and co (1857) when we were said to be going!

For those of us whose clothes were tranlated to Nottinghan just prior to the 14 September, this has been an awkward time! The kitchen is also up a Gum Tree and donations specifically given for a meal have enabled us to have a takeaway. As we have no extern sisters, the appearence of two of our portresses, deputed to the extern work, at a local Chinese takeaway has caused much (mutual) entertainment. While protecting their anonymity, we praise the kindness and generosity of all involved.

The builders responsible for the essential renovations at Nottingham take what Roget calls a ‘mellow’ approach to our sense of urgency. At this end, the conservation experts have agree that no bats have been living in our belfy. The new owners sent their people round: two in suits, one in a yellow tin hat. They were to check for asbestos in the roofs. These followed behind our gentle Vicaress, Sister Elizabeth, on tiptoe every time they met a another real nun. There is no asbestos. Mother Cherubina could scarcely afford the slate between us and the rain - she had the sisters say a special prayer every Friday against fire, who needs asbestos?

Further experts have sunk long bore holes in our back garden and re-appeared to gaze down them. But we are still here. They are reputed to be sinking a lift in Nottingham….