How to move a monastery 2

A hole in the wall
Ty Mam Duw

monastery2- leaks.jpeg

They say a good school is an inspired teacher and a hole in the ground.  That is true for our sort of monastery, though we wouldn’t mind a small wall in addition (we are the only people so far to have enclosure as a vow). After our boiler defected, several taps ceased working, the bell arch leaned out from the wall and refused to be rung, the dormitory heating died, causing a fourth ice age, the guttering over the front door gave up and water now cascades down on friends who visit us in the frequent Welsh rain. Naturally we have always had odd cracks in the cloister.

Okay, Lord, we said, we can take a hint.  Our four dear sisters at Nottingham do at least have lots of room.  They are also tacked on to the back of our Lady of Perpetual Succour, Bullwell and their good bishop will allow us to occupy the sacristies which have more floorspace than our current chapel and join in the singing from behind our own home designed grille.

Builders are another matter.  Your thoroughly modern builder only appears to have a first name; ours are not called Jasper, Robert and Alf, but to tell our adventures with absolute veracity it will probably be necessary to change the names of all concerned, even the sisters.

Then there are the people who want to take our patch in Hawarden.  Now they are interesting!  The first one said there was no market for land or housing. We were surprised! They don’t have first names, only initials like CDE, FGH and WXY.

On one thing our family are agreed, we will not sell our monastery as a pub!  We want it to come down for much needed housing.  And we need to be quick, because we have to provide for our beloved dead and get then to Nottingham before us.  We offered to do the job ourselves (we are not joking!) but the Home Office won’t let us and want more than we have in the bank.  The Home Office needs prayer.  After all we are the people who are in here interceding for the world political situation and everyone else’s problems…