How to move a monastery 3

Religious plumbing
Ty Mam Duw


An earnest member of our community family discovered a news article on industrial abseiling. So far, the electricians and plumbers who have considered applying themselves to our recycled future home, the Marian House of the Holy Spirit in Nottingham, have taken one look at the fitments and fled. Especially the plumbers; but abseiling may not help them. It is the giant size of the pipes in relation to the limited supply of water that causes distress.

At Vespers, Sister Amarantha raised her eyes to heaven, “Lord, we ask you to send us a really courageous plumber and electrician!” We responded with grim gravity, “Oh Lord hear our prayer.”
And he did. A daring electrician has been found and the plumber will take out the existing pipes, which he says will take less time.  “When would you like us to start,” they enquired? Mother smiled at them, “About a fortnight ago. We will pray for you,” she added, gently.  Prayer is dangerous, it works!

Sister Marca has investigated, “According to statistics,” she murmured, “House moving is the most traumatic experience available.” Sr Maria showed no surprise, “The best time to join a monastery is when it is moving; you will know what you are getting!”

Two sides of the cloister have posters on the wall: ‘Packing in progress’, ‘Departure point for Marian House’ and ‘Collection point for auction’. From here things are set to go.  Anything left without comment by the back door has only one destination. The bonfire!