How to move a monastery 4

Packing history
Ty Mam Duw


It is easier to get a camel through the eye of a needle than to pack up your history. Our sisters set out for North Wales in 1928. They travelled by a then relatively recent popular invention: the automobile. From Mother Cherubina down they were all small, someone even asked them if there was a height limit to enter. They packed easily into two cars

In their epic progress tyres burst regularly. They started by breaking down in front of the Bank of England.  The kind volunteer driver got out and sought for a garage, who said they would send a mechanic to scene. As they waited for him, a policeman began to move purposefully in their direction. Yes, naturally, they all prayed and the car backfired, disappearing in a cloud of smoke. By this time, the second car had vanished and they only found it again a Woodford. How Woodford was on a direct route to Flintshire we do not know!

Signposting in Wales has always been poetic and later they found themselves up a one way track on a mountain in pursuit of Talacre Abbey, where they were to stay. They were welcomed at midnight and had to try and find their toothbrushes in the dark.

We and our friends are delivering such things as are going, piecemeal. So far, burst tyres have posed no difficulties, but the furious rate of road-widening means that diversions have rarely allowed us to follow the same path twice. For those amongst us who have not seen motorway traffic for a couple of decades the current slow progress on the M1 has come as a mild surprise and at roundabouts there is a tendency to break into the rosary…