How to move a monastery 6

Going, going..and going!
Ty Mam Duw

universe monastery-2.jpeg

We have never had an auction before and we hasten to say, none of us has been sold, loaned or hired out!  We seized the dual opportunity to part with large lumps of furniture which will not fit in Nottingham and giving people an opportunity to pick up the odd bit of monastic memorabilia.

We had known our auctioneer since he was eight - we did a puppet show in the parlour for his ninth birthday.  He is now a distinguished local businessman and like many of our extraordinary friends, not a Catholic.  With charm and imagination, he persuaded the buyers how useful our items were and how very much they would like to have them.  Less-than-antique furniture, spare but respectable statues, silk painted banners, curios and things we sisters were encouraged to dig out of our personal purviews (nobody ‘owns’ anything in our Franciscan home) came under the hammer - and went.

A gentleman, whose family has patched up the roof and propped up our walls for three generations, has brought the pews in the public chapel.  We think he may be intending to turn them into individual ‘Monk’s Chairs’.  Sister Maria walked all round them and said, after profound thought, that they might be ‘Art deco’.  Again they might not.