midnight prowler

came earlier but someone was on this thing! So here I am unable to sleep at cinderella time. One room has an undercoat and another room is emptied ready to be transformed. Take it you know by now tat the van as had about 3 or 4 different times. Watch this space. Dear Mother doesn’t know it yet so don’t split on me but the central heating has gone orf again and i don’t think the plumber is due until Monday - oh happy days. See you soon I hope


Sr E has forbidden the kitchen - says Sr P getting withdrawel symptoms. To quote an abuser of the English language - I highly doubt it!

Gone to pack in cell. Sr Ruth printing her newsletter on our printer. peace and all good.

Have to go quickly. best love 0012 and a half


Coo its not even 10pm and I’m off to bed praise God.

Very naughty pots. Have them for breakfast

Looking forward to my next entertainment

Plasterer still hasn’t plastered the bit hes supposed to plaster in the bathroom so we’ve emigrated to the garret on the opposite side to straight street. We have hoovered sanded and bugged the place and will paint it tomorrow. This will be a craft storage area Then we go paint the craft work room which is on the floor below

Fr John can’t do friday vans will be next week instead

Can’t find that bag of shoes here so keep an eye out for it

See you whenever probably Sat midday ish but who knows


Wednesday Night

Boooh Hooo! I made mashed pots with dinner and it never got to the table. Exasperated!

Casino Royale (remake) has a great deal more personal violence in than Skyfall and it is distress ing. But there is one moving sceene - after seeing JB put a villain out of action, the lady in the thing is so traumatised that she curls up fully clothed under the cold shower. 007 also in evening dress comes and sits next to her and holds her hand compassionately - he also turns the shower up to warm. There is no romance just an agonised pain seeking baptism!