Saint Agnes of Assisi

St Agnes of Assisi was St Clare's sister and the ambassadress who helped to found many other Poor Clare houses over Italy. We give a brief Chronology of her life. 

According to and early Franciscan document, the Chronicles of the XXIV Generals, the sisters who lived with Agnes said she was someone who had found a 'new way to God'. We share reflections on her prayer of the three crowns

St Agnes is the spiritual grandmother of one of Dante's heroines Picarda Donati. She is the first person the poet meets in paradise. Agnes also encouraged Blessed Humiliana in her vocation.

The ceiling of the Church of the Protmonastery in Assisi shows Anes with her patron saint St Agnes of Rome, but is it possible that she is also represented as the allegorical figure of chastity in the Basilica of Francis? 

The eighth centenary of Clare's call to follow the Lord, was also Agnes' centenary and we wanted to find out more about her. So that we might share her little known story with others we recast it as a one woman play. 

Studying photos of Agnes' relics and the early portraits of her, we tried to reconstruct her face for one of our Clare year banners.

We should like to thank our dear Sisters of the Protomonastero in Assisi and the friend of their community who took photos for us, our dear Sisters at Ruffignano (the direct descendants of Agnes' foundation at Monticelli), the Casa Luce, which stands on the site of Agnes’ Monastery in present day Monticelli, Dr Julia Bolton Holloway and Dr M Grazia Beverini del Santo for their kindness and friendship.

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Chronology of Agnes of Assisi's life.

The Olive Tree dialogue - a play about Saint Agnes' life.

The Three Crowns - an insight into the prayer of Saint Agnes, a meditation.

The face of Agnes - what did Saint Agnes look like?

Castle of chastity - Agnes and the Allegory of chastity fresco.

Communion in the spirit -friends and daughters.

Saint Agnes' mission and death