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To: Anež
Subject: Everlasting Happiness i.e. Heaven

To Anežka
I have heard the gossip, it has spread far and wide, it is all over the mountains in the towns and countryside. Everyone who is anyone knows how you spurned the Emperor, him, of all people, the topist of top dogs, in order to give yourself completely to God as a nun. 


You could have had all the fancy cars, jewels and clothes you wanted, lived like a movie star, but instead you said ‘NO!’ to all that the world says is ‘Cool’ and have chosen to give your whole heart to God. You have chosen to live in poverty, wearing a poor brown habit instead of the latest trend. You have chosen Jesus as your bridegroom and husband and He is king of heaven and earth, not just of one country like other kings, but the whole world. 


Do you know that you have chosen well? When you have chosen Jesus with all your heart, it’s like you’ve never loved any one before, so completely will your heart be His. When you accept Him as your husband He will take nothing from you but give you everything, all He has is yours. So if you had treasure before, guess what? You’ve still got it, plus He will give you what He has too. He won’t take anything from you but will add to your life. With Jesus you don’t have to go without, you just have to give Him yourself.



He is more handsome, has stronger muscles, is richer and more of a gentleman than any of the movie stars or cute guys you see on TV, and you already know this because you are head over heels in love with Him.




His love for you is like Diamonds, pearls, gold Necklaces and bangles, He will deck you out with so many jewels you won’t know what to do with them. AND the greatest crown He will give you, as a sign of His love, this and more awaits you in heaven.
So be full of courage and keep going in your choice of Him. You have made a great start.

O consecrated poverty, if you truly keep to poverty you will be rich.
O divine poverty if you possess nothing you will be guaranteed heaven.
O faithful poverty, Jesus did not think poverty beneath Him, so should we think it beneath us?
When Jesus was born it wasn’t in a castle or even a house, but in a cattle shed! Jesus was as poor as poor can be, so should we wish to be any different?


If you put your trust in the things of this world you will come off badly. You see, your fine clothes can get holes in them and wear out. You can lose your paper money and your jewellery can rust in the rain but the treasure you have in heaven will not rust, nor be lost or get threadbare, it lasts forever. So I would put my money on heavenly goods not on earthly, wouldn’t you?


You know that those who have clothes piled high on their backs cannot run very fast because they are weighed down, and you could catch and grab hold of them as they try to run away by one of the tassels or fancy ribbons, but 

those who are lightly dressed will get away easily and will not be caught. Again you know it’s easier to go through a doorway carrying nothing, than trying to go through piled high with boxes and gifts. Thus it is in heaven, you can’t take anything with you. So, you gave away everything you had, and are now getting ready to enter heaven, you have dressed lightly and are now waiting on God. 
How wonderful to give the little you have and receive everything Jesus wants to give you in return. You give one and you get a hundred back, has there ever been a better deal? With God you will never lose out!
I pray God makes you strong, so that you do not turn away from the path you are on. I pray that each day you will become more and more holy, that is, that you become a saint. I also ask that you pray for me, so that in praying for each other we may all come to Jesus in heaven and be one big happy family in God. Catch up with you later and remember to pray for me.


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