Sharers and Companions

To date there are around five hundred Sharers, men, women, priests and even fellow religious in different countries and on different continents. Not all of them are catholics, or even have a religious committment.  They share in our life of prayer according to their possibilities and through this sharing we can become fellow pilgrims.

You can be part of this offering of love to God and be, as it were, a Poor Clare out there (regardless of gender!)!

Would you like to think abour joining us, just where you are in prayer - and pray for others?

Would you like to follow the Lord with Clare, Colette and Francis in your own everyday life?

Would you like to become a Companion of Ty Mam Duw and take on a share of our daily commitment of intercession for the needs of others, as and how the Lord leads you?

Many people have done this since Clareshare started. This would then become your Mother House in the spirit!

Our daily prayers, the Office of the Passion and an Office for the dead are available online for you to print as you wish,  or we can simply post you the booklets.

By email you will receive a daily reflection, and on Saturdays the prayer list for the week, if you wish.

Our Companions are invited to come as our guests for an annual, private three day retreat.

The Clare Way

You can live the good news in the spirit of Clare anywhere! The Clare Way is a rule of life for everyone. At the heart of this rule is simply Christ's law of love, in the ten commandments, the beatitudes and the evangelical counsels - and to this we are all bound - but we see the basic requirements of our Christian faith in the light that the Holy Spirit gave to Clare. At the heart of this way is the spirituality of the Eucharist; a life of openness, understanding, forvgiveness and affection that makes us mirrors of Jesus and broken bread for each other.

Our prayer, of which, remember you will be part, means a lot to others, read their testimonies - for this is something our Claresharers have literally shared in.