Christmas treats!


Well I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. I know it might seem like months ago now, but actually it is just over a month and we are still in the Christmas season. Thursday, is the feast of the Presentation of the Lord and the end of Christmas. In the monastery we celebrate Jesus’ birthday for a whole lot longer than other people. We, Lily and I that is, had some lovely gifts over Christmas. Some very kind people brought us delicious cans full of yummy mouth-watering food, which was such a luxury and we got bags of treats too.
Its very degrading what we have to do for a treat, nothing is free in this world and never a truer word is said. We have to roll over, sit, beg, shake hands and all of that sort of palaver, for what?! For one little messily treat. I try to tell myself ‘this is beneath you, don’t enter in to it.’ But the problem is, I want the treat!!!
Oh well, we all have our weaknesses and mine is treat! 




You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I’m telling you why, Santa Claus is coming to town.......

Dec .JPG

Actually he’s already been, well, to our monastery anyway. He came last Tuesday. And actually his name is St Nicholas. Lily was frightened of him, but I stayed my ground and even deemed him worthy to pick me up! I am brave.






Have you been good this year? I of course am always good and I received a nice chewy bone, Lily did too. Though I don’t know why, she is never good, always setting a bad example by following the human pets around, sitting when told to, going to bed when told to. It’s hideous!


St Nick told my pet sisters all about how good they have been and all the good acts they have done this year, including, wait for it...... taking ‘dogs’ for walks, washing ‘dogs’ and the worst of all, clipping ‘dogs’!!!!! How rude! First of all, who is he calling a ‘Dog’? That is not my pedigree. I am so far above that, I’m a Cavapoo! Secondly, I take them for walks! Honestly, who sent him all this ‘wrong’ information? And thirdly, they should not be praised for that most unnecessary and frightful of jobs, the ‘washing and clipping’! That is where I draw the line! He is honestly lucky I didn’t bite him. But never fear I left him all in one piece for the sake of my dignity. He may be on his way to your house next, beware all you canines out there.


Tonight it’s the sister’s carol service and the beginning of Advent. They light the first advent candle. We went to see the advent wreath, very nice it was.

The sisters have been practicing all week for the carol service, I should know, because, I have had to forgo walks! They really should get their priorities right. Oh well, I have a forgiving nature. They have also been building walls out of cardboard boxes! Go figure!

The carol service is on walls and bridge, I tried to convince them the subject matter was boring and ‘the Tales of Eppy’, staring Eppy. Directed and Edited by Eppy would be more interesting to the crowd. But, they would not listen, so walls and bridges it is!

Apparently my pet is staring as an angel. I told her that if she were to watch me, she would learn angelic behaviour and thus be more recognizable as an angel, but she would have it her own way! You can’t get closer to an angel than me!
I hope you all have a wonderful advent.





Photos of the big day!

I've just noticed that my pet has a ring now, it's a beautiful silver one. Lily says it's because she's married to Jesus now. Poor Lily doesn't realise that she can't be married to jesus, honestly!...... What?! She can?! Oh well maybe Lily isn't so silly, I should cut her some slack sometimes. Anyway i thought you might like to see some photo's of my pets big day.

Ok, so this is her and her Dad, he have her away. I don't think this means he sold her, because he didn't ask my permission.









here she is again, i think she got tired, so is having a little sleep, though hoe she could sleep with people throwing things, even though they were only petals, on her, i don't know.

this is her getting her thorns, ouch!








she got a huge ckae, didn't give me any thought, unfair.

people gave her gifts, this is her with some of the things.

this is me helping her with the post after.

she got a willow from her mum and dad for our garden.










So i hope you enjoy seeing the photos. see you next week. Eppy. 



Dear devoted followers. Ok, so you humans are really no good at keeping on time with things, I have waited weeks for my human to put up my diary entries. I had of course written them forever ago. But humans being humans the blog only now is updated. So without further delays here are my late chronicles.

2nd October The lost sheep has returned to the fold, though I think she may have got into a bit of trouble.  I know all about it, sometimes when I am chasing a squirrel I find myself stopped in mid run because a horrible long , sticky, pokey thing has come out of nowhere and dug its fingers into my fur. I think you pets call them, brambles. I call them, ‘horrible-sticky-pokey-things-that-want- to-eat-my-fur’. A much better name, I think, because, “bramble” in no way describes what these horrible beasts do to you.  It’s like, “nettles” as you call them, should be called, “Just-don’t- even-go-near-them-they-bite”. Anyway I digress, our pet seems to have got her head stuck in some sort of sticky pokey thing. A family member of sorts.

Poor pet, she walked around all day with it on her head, not even trying to remove it! I didn’t think much of it myself, Lily said it means something, like a badge of honour, my pet says that at a solemn profession you are crowned with the same crown that Jesus wore. I’m just glad that it wasn’t my solemn….. what did she call it?!


Ok, I’ve just discovered that something ‘is’ happening, Lily was right, maybe ‘pigs can fly’.

It’s called a pro.....profession, I think that is it! Anyway it’s going to happen to our pet this Saturday. Oh I am so proud of our pet, I feel like a mother hen! I must look my best, I of course am invited....... what? I’m not invited!! How rude! Well it won’t be half as good if I am not there, but have it your own way.


Ok, so I have just found out that ‘she, our pet, is actually’ here, but refusing to see us, or is it retreating? What does that mean, ‘On Retreat’? Lily is still sticking to her story that something is happening..... But how would she know! Everyone is busy cooking, cleaning and cleaning us too, just because of this ‘retreating business’, and no one tells me anything. How rude! 



How on earth can someone become lost in an Enclosure? 

But it has happened, we have lost our favourite pet, and we don’t know where to find her. All is very secretive in the monastery this week and no one seems to have time for us. 
We are utterly desolate, down to 4 walks a day and only about half the cuddle time. Why has our pet deserted us? Why! 
Lily seems to think something special is coming up, but what would she know, she can’t even spell. It’s true we have been made to endure baths and extra brushes! what is it all in aid of? I guess all will be revealed. 

Please if you’re out there our dearest pet, come home, we miss you! Lily has even stopped eating (well she is eating less) we pinning for you. 

Come Home!


Cavapoo Chronicles

Hi! I’m Eppy. 


This is a picture of me, cute ha?! 
Yes, I know that I’m adorable. 
People say I’m a Cavapoo, half Cavalier Spaniel and half poodle.




Oh! By the way, only if you’re interested to know it doesn’t really matter, but I have a sister, Lily. 
This is her.

Yip, not as cute as me but, bloods thicker than water you know. I’m the writer in the family, the brains too.
Lily, poor thing can’t even spell, but I love her anyway.



I live in the Poor Clare Monastery. 

I have pets that live with me too, these are my pets.


And especially these two, they’re more like my servants, they dote on me something chronic, and they absolutely love me. 

I accept and tolerate their adoration. Anyway, more about me, don’t want to bore you. So, besides being completely adorable and highly intelligent, I have other amazing qualities, which if you stay tuned you will find out. 


I’ll be reporting on behalf of the clarion canines  (because Lily can’t spell). Have you ever wondered what goes on behind these walls? Well, I’ve got the goss for you; seen from our height the world can look quite different, stay tuned to discover the antics of the Clarion Cavapoos on CC Reports.