God's Keyhole

For the past seven weeks we have had a sister from the Czech Republic staying with us. Do you know where that is? Sr Klára came to see how we live out our vocation as Poor Clare sisters. It was wonderful to have her with us and I even managed to pick up some Cesky (Czech language).

I think it is so wonderful that there are Poor Clare sisters throughout the world, all living under the umbrella of St Clare. From Australia to Africa, Canada to the Czech Republic, with France, USA and the Philippines in between. So many houses, with so many sisters, springing from one young girl in Assisi who dared to say ‘yes’ to God.

Sister Klára’s visit here in Hawarden has taught me that it doesn’t matter that St Clare lived 800 years ago, or that she lived far away in Italy. God continues to call people from every country and century to give their lives to Him.
You know, it has also shown me that all people, boys, girls, men, and women, African, Asian and European are all very much the same. Why? Because we are all, yes, every one of us, are made in the 'image and likeness of God'. Does this mean that God has blonde hair as well as black, brown and red? No! It means that we are made in His likeness, not He in ours. It means that we are all made good, because, God is all Goodness!

In the bible at the beginning it says God made all things well, it is written, God said, “It is good, yes, it is very good.” Isn’t it wonderful to be made in the image of God? Our soul (which is what really makes us, us)looks more like God than our faces look like our parents. Have you ever looked at your mum and thought you have the same nose? Or your dad and wondered if your eyes are exactly same colour? 

Well, it’s the same with God, our soul is a mirror of God and can show and does show, even in (what we may think) the meanest of people, a little of the goodness of God. Imagine now, you are looking through a tiny little keyhole in a door. When you look through it you can’t see everything that is on the other side, you can only see a little. If you were to look thought another keyhole you would see another little bit. Well, so it is with our soul and God. Each soul is a keyhole and allows us to see a different part of God, though never the whole of Him. We will have to wait for that wonderful sight until we reach heaven and what a wonder that sight will be.

It was in Sr Klára that I discovered a new aspect of God, she for me was another keyhole. So this week, let’s try to look at those around us as keyhole, ways of seeing a little of God. And remember, we are praying for you. Sr Anežka.