Photos of the big day!

I've just noticed that my pet has a ring now, it's a beautiful silver one. Lily says it's because she's married to Jesus now. Poor Lily doesn't realise that she can't be married to jesus, honestly!...... What?! She can?! Oh well maybe Lily isn't so silly, I should cut her some slack sometimes. Anyway i thought you might like to see some photo's of my pets big day.

Ok, so this is her and her Dad, he have her away. I don't think this means he sold her, because he didn't ask my permission.









here she is again, i think she got tired, so is having a little sleep, though hoe she could sleep with people throwing things, even though they were only petals, on her, i don't know.

this is her getting her thorns, ouch!








she got a huge ckae, didn't give me any thought, unfair.

people gave her gifts, this is her with some of the things.

this is me helping her with the post after.

she got a willow from her mum and dad for our garden.










So i hope you enjoy seeing the photos. see you next week. Eppy.