Dear devoted followers. Ok, so you humans are really no good at keeping on time with things, I have waited weeks for my human to put up my diary entries. I had of course written them forever ago. But humans being humans the blog only now is updated. So without further delays here are my late chronicles.

2nd October The lost sheep has returned to the fold, though I think she may have got into a bit of trouble.  I know all about it, sometimes when I am chasing a squirrel I find myself stopped in mid run because a horrible long , sticky, pokey thing has come out of nowhere and dug its fingers into my fur. I think you pets call them, brambles. I call them, ‘horrible-sticky-pokey-things-that-want- to-eat-my-fur’. A much better name, I think, because, “bramble” in no way describes what these horrible beasts do to you.  It’s like, “nettles” as you call them, should be called, “Just-don’t- even-go-near-them-they-bite”. Anyway I digress, our pet seems to have got her head stuck in some sort of sticky pokey thing. A family member of sorts.

Poor pet, she walked around all day with it on her head, not even trying to remove it! I didn’t think much of it myself, Lily said it means something, like a badge of honour, my pet says that at a solemn profession you are crowned with the same crown that Jesus wore. I’m just glad that it wasn’t my solemn….. what did she call it?!