Tonight it’s the sister’s carol service and the beginning of Advent. They light the first advent candle. We went to see the advent wreath, very nice it was.

The sisters have been practicing all week for the carol service, I should know, because, I have had to forgo walks! They really should get their priorities right. Oh well, I have a forgiving nature. They have also been building walls out of cardboard boxes! Go figure!

The carol service is on walls and bridge, I tried to convince them the subject matter was boring and ‘the Tales of Eppy’, staring Eppy. Directed and Edited by Eppy would be more interesting to the crowd. But, they would not listen, so walls and bridges it is!

Apparently my pet is staring as an angel. I told her that if she were to watch me, she would learn angelic behaviour and thus be more recognizable as an angel, but she would have it her own way! You can’t get closer to an angel than me!
I hope you all have a wonderful advent.