Sr Amata's Vocation Story

This is Sr Amata
She is one of our Portress'.
Lets hear what she has to tell us.

Since I became a religious sister I have learnt the value of humility, which is recognising the truth about myself. I am journeying with Jesus, I am in His loving presence, I try to please Him, and I trust that He will take care of me. 
All that I do throughout the day, when done for the glory of God, is life giving to the world. It doesn’t matter what task I am doing, whether I am performing the simple tasks of cleaning, washing up or whether I am praising God in the chapel. 

As I journey with God I carry others with me in spirit and I can share in their suffering as well as their joys, through prayer. Truth has to be born and nurtured on many levels and this involves a suffering which is life giving. I am called to live a life of praise and thanksgiving to the Lord.

My motto of life: Jesus - our Life.

A Martin Girl!

I would like to tell you about someone whom I deeply admire. She is not a Blessed or a Saint (though I believe she is in heaven) her name is Celine Martin, she is the sister of the great St Thésèse of Lisieux.

Celine Martin or Sr Genevieve of the Holy Face, as she was known in religion, is my ‘pin-up’. Some of you may have a picture of a movie star, or football player or pop singer pinned up on your bedroom wall or stuck in your school books. You may even have a picture or statue of your favourite saint in your home. Well Celine/Sr Genevieve is my ‘pin-up’ and she is ‘pinned-up’ on my heart.

Celine was born on the 28th April 1869, she was nearly 4 years older than her sister St Thésèse, ‘the little flower’. As little girls they were inseparable, they did everything together. When Celine was very young she surprised everyone by announcing that she was going to be a nun. When Celine grew up she knew that she loved Jesus very much and wanted to give her life to Him.

What makes me, love her so much? Well, it is this, when Celine was 19 years old and at the right age to enter the Carmelite community and Thésèse was 15 Thésèse told Celine of her desire to be a nun. Thésèse at 15 was too young to enter, yet Celine, loving her little sister very much helped Thésèse to overcome the obstacle of her age and enter the Carmelite monastery at Lisieux.

“But what about Papa?” cried Thésèse to Celine, “it will break his heart.”  “Do not worry, I will stay with him” Celine answered. Though Celine herself had such a great desire to be a nun, she thought of others. Thésèse entered with Carmelites Lisieux at the age of 15 and left Celine to look after her dear Papa alone. All four of Celine’s sisters were now in religious life, Marie, Pauline and Thésèse with the Carmelites and Leonie with the Visitation sisters.

Celine faithfully cared for her Papa until he died and went to heaven. Less than two months later Celine entered her beloved Carmelite community. On that first night when she entered her cell (bedroom) she found a poem on her pillow that had been placed there by her sister Thésèse, which her Papa had written for Celine before his death.

“Come to us, little girl!
My crown lacks one bright pearl.
The Lord said to us, and we are all here.
To pluck you from the world
on our wings of white,
like birds on the branches pluck a flower bright.
Oh, come to us! Come to us, dear!”

I couldn’t imagine putting aside my dream so that another could live theirs, but this is what Celine did, isn’t that really true love? Sr Genevieve, as Celine was known in Religious life then followed her younger sisters ‘The Little Way.’ (Check out ‘St Thésèse’ on Saint of the Month, on kid’s Cloister to find out more) Some might find it embarrassing to follow their little sister, and to have their little sister known as a great saint, but not Sr Genevieve, she humbly and lovingly followed St Thésèse, thinking that she Thésèse, was much greater than herself.

Sr Genevieve worked for the spreading of St Thésèse’s ‘The Little Way’ up until her death on the 25th of February 1959, she was then 90 years old. Sr Genevieve was always content to be known as ‘the Saint’s sister’. I love her for her deep humility and love and I consider her to be a true saint, though she is not proclaimed one by the Catholic Church Yet!
It is my great desire to see her made a saint in my life time.
Maybe you would like to pray with me today the prayer for her beatification, and ask her to intercede for you at throne of God.

Oh Eternal Father,
graciously hear my humble prayer
Thank you for the grace you gave your daughter,
Sister Genevieve of the Holy Face.
Be pleased to grant me, according to your will,
the grace of ... (make your request) through Sister Genevieve
I pray that she may soon be numbered among your saints,
so that she may be glorified by your Church here on earth.
I humbly pray in Jesus’ name. Amen