You - Consecrated!

Consecrated – is a very big word and also a bit of a mouth full, so what does this complicated word actually mean?
Well the dictionary tells us that to consecrate is to make or declare something or someone sacred. This means, that it/they are consecrated to God and need to be treated as holy, that is, very special.

A church is a consecrated building, because it is God’s house, God’s home. When you go into your church do you treat it like your own bedroom or worse a football ground, pushing and shouting? No! When we go into a church we prepare ourselves, we put on our nice clothes, brush our hair, wash our face and walk into church quietly, knowing that God is there. We bless ourselves with the Holy water and genuflect or kneel before we sit down in a pew to pray.

Well, just as we can consecrate a building and say, “this room, this area, these four walls are for God and God’s use only”, we can consecrate people too. When a building is consecrated as a church a Bishop, Cardinal or Pope will pray over the building and bless it with Holy Water, thus making it ‘Holy’ to God. Well, Guess what? This same Holy Water is used when we are baptised and became part of God’s family, God’s people! When we are baptised we are made over to God. So, we, the baptised, are consecrated and belong to God just as much as a Church. Isn’t that wonderful?

Are you baptised? It you don’t know maybe you should ask your mum or dad to tell you. There is a saying “your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit.” What this is really saying is “You are a church of God.” When you are baptised, God comes to dwell in you like He does in a church. I think that is so breathtaking, don’t you?

So who are the Consecrated? WE ARE! Can I hear you shout it out loud and proud with me                 
                       WE ARE!!!!!

Now that we know that we are consecrated people we can look at what consecrated life is. Be sure to tune in next week to discover what consecrated life is all about. 

Until then bask in the beauty of your own soul, knowing that your ARE holy and wholly belong to God, and remember, we are praying for you. Sr Anežka

Autumn Fair

Next Saturday is our ‘Autumn Fair’, a very busy and joyful time here at Ty Mam Duw.

Every October we have a Fair. You have probably all been to a school fair or market day. In New Zealand we often call it a Gala, but for us it’s an Autumn Fair. We have made everything you need to keep warm this winter and with Christmas coming up there are lots of gifts to put under the Christmas tree.

Boys and girls come to get the perfect present for their mums and grandmas. There are woollen hats, scarves, mittens, jumpers and ponchos. Toys, aprons and kids things, Christmas cards, cribs and tree decorations. Plus lots of lovely books on saints and saints saying, this is always nice.

There are jams, jellies and mince slices, fruit cakes and banana cakes. You can eat hot chips and chicken and sandwiches galore. You can get a plant or some jumble and raffle tickets. It’s always exciting to see if it will be you that wins the 1st prize.

So with all these wonderful things to make, for you and your families, we your little sisters are busy stirring pots of jam and baking crumbles. It’s a lot of fun and hard work for us but, most especially it is nice for us to be able to make things for you. All throughout the year people are so kind and generous to us, giving us what we need, without them we couldn’t live our life, praying for you and the world. So it is lovely for us to be able to say ‘thank you’ by putting on this Fair for you to enjoy.

If you live near and have never been to see us, now is a great time to come and say hello. If you don’t live near enough then I hope you have a Fair near you, that you can go to, we will be thinking of you on the day.

Our Nežkits are famous around these parts, they are much more than a biscuit and depending on how you make them they can be as big as your hand. Here is my secret recipe for you to try out with a parent or grandparent. The main ingredient is FUN, so I hope you have a lot of it when making and sharing your Nežkits.

You will need:

100grams  Butter (soft)
100grams Sugar
beat these together in a bowl with a wooden spoon or use a mixer, until creamed.
Then add one egg into the creamed mixture.

Sieve 150 grams of Self-raising Flour into mixture slowly until the mixture become smooth.

Now is the fun part! Find around the house a bar of your favourite chocolate. You can use white or milk or mars bars, snickers anything you like, you could even use M+M’s,  Smarties or Chocolate Drops (if you can’t eat chocolate you can use a handful of dried fruit and 1/3  a teaspoon of cinnamon). You will need about 1 or 2 bars of Chocolate or  75grams. Cut or break up your bars and mix into your cookie mixture.
With a tablespoon put on a lined baking tray. Make sure your tablespoon amounts are about 5-7cms away from each other. Bake in oven on about 190’C (this depends on which type of oven you have, fan or gas and how hot your oven gets). Be careful to watch your cookies and lower heat if need be. Bake for 10-15 minutes until Nežkits are Golden in colour but still soft.

Take out of the oven and place in a cool place for a few minutes before removing from baking paper. Wait about 10 minutes before eating them warm or put on a cooling rack till cold. Most importantly have fun!

I am baking these Nežkit cookies for the Fair so we can be united in our work and the joy of creating. When you create you are sharing in God’s work because God is always creating. He created the world in the beginning, he created you and me and so when you and I create we are sharing in His Spirit. God loves busy hands. So get creating today!

See you one the 1st November when I will be telling you more about what happens within these walls. Explore more of the world with in the walls with me. Sr Anežka.