Lamb of God

Princess Saint!

Every little girl has, at some point in her life, dreamed of being a princess. But have you ever known of a princess who dreamed of being poor? Well I have! Her name is St Anežka of Bohemia, better known as Agnes of Prague, and her feast day is on the 19th January. It is my great honour to tell you about this beautiful saint, who happens to be my namesake and patron saint.

St Anežka was a princess who lived in the 1200’s. She had everything she wanted or needed and it was arranged for her to marry the Emperor and become the most important, powerful and well known woman in the world, but she wanted none of it.

Anežka instead dreamed of being a Poor Clare. She wanted to follow in the footsteps of the great Lamb of God, Jesus, who gave up His royal throne in heaven to become a humble babe in Bethlehem. Anežka followed her dreams, she sold everything she had, which included gold mines and castles and went off to become a Poor Clare nun in Prague.
What St Anežka of Bohemia teaches us is that we all need to follow our dreams. I remember when I first read the letters St Clare wrote to St Anežka, I was filled with wonder and wanted to be just like her, little knowing that my dream would come true and that one day I would even be named after this great saint.

Do you have dreams? Maybe you wish to be a Vet or a Doctor or do some great deed for the world? You might even dream of being a saint. Well St Anežka shows us that we shouldn’t give up on our dreams and that if we pray and work hard we can achieve anything with the help of God. Nothing, and I repeat, nothing, is impossible with God. Maybe today you should think about those great dreams you have, you might like to pray to St Anežka and ask her to help you to stay strong and on course. Our great Lamb of God, had the biggest dream of all, Jesus dreamt of taking us all to heaven. Pray to Jesus today, so that we all can achieve our dreams and His too. And remember we are praying for you. Sr Anežka.

If you are interested in St Clare’s letters to St Anežka why don’t you check out the 1st letter on Kid’s Cloister?

Where do you live?

Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to meet Jesus? What about if you were the first person to follow Him? St Andrew knew what this felt like. He is the patron saint of Scotland and his feast is on the 30th November.

Andrew was at first a follower of John the Baptist, Jesus’ cousin. Andrew was obviously looking for the truth and wanted to follow God. When he heard John the Baptist say “ behold the Lamb of God” (referring to Jesus), Andrew got up and ran after Jesus, asking, “where do you live?”
I have often thought and pondered over this question, ‘where do you live?’ Have you ever thought that where a person lives tells you a lot about the person. I live in a monastery, this can tell you a lot about me. It tells you that I am a nun and that I am a Poor Clare. When someone lives on a farm or in a house or on the 10th floor of a city apartment, this tells you a bit about them and their lives.

So you can understand that Andrew is trying to figure out who Jesus is. How does Jesus respond to Andrews’s question? He says “Come and see.” Jesus isn’t going to tell Andrew who He is, Andrew has to see and decide for himself who Jesus is and what Jesus means to him. We too are told to ‘come and see’, to see who Jesus is and decide who He is to us. Does He show Himself to you to be kind, loving, the Lamb on the throne, the meek one, the King? It’s an interesting thought to think about.

This day is special for me, because it is the day I entered Religious Life. On this day, 5 years ago, I arrived at an English airport from New Zealand, to start my new life as a Poor Clare. When I came I was coming to see, trying to discover who Jesus was for me. What did I find? I found that He is the Lamb and I follow Him, I am His bride.

Without knowing it at the time, I was asking Jesus like St Andrew did “where do you live?” and Jesus didn’t say ‘here’ or ‘there’ or anything but, I knew the answer and could say ‘it is here that you live.’ We all need to discover where Jesus is waiting for us. He is waiting for you in a very special place, just for you to discover. No one else can find Him where you can. It could be in the garden, in a friend, in a game, or, for someone, He could be waiting, like He was waiting for me, in a Religious house, in Religious Life. Maybe He is waiting here, for you at Ty Mam Duw
Where are you going to find Jesus today? Why don’t you ask, with St Andrew, ‘where do you live?’
See you next week for our first Advent blog, and with Christmas just around the corner I think it is time for a story about St Nic. Until then remember, we are praying for you. Sr Anežka