Are you a Lighthouse?

11th August is the feast of our Holy Mother St Clare.

Before St Clare was born, her mother was praying when she heard the voice of Jesus say to her “do not fear, you will give birth to a light, which will light up the world.” Thus the little girl was called Clare.

Clare, Chiara, Klara, in whatever language you wish, it means the same, Light!

Some people, I suppose, might wonder how a girl who left her family home at 18 to live in poverty in a little church for the whole of her life, could be a light for anyone, let alone the whole world.

Well imagine this, a lighthouse on the edge of a cliff does not move, it is firmly rooted to the ground. The lighthouse keeper turns the little switch, and a bright light comes on. Now it is not just bright for him to see by, but can be seen all over the dark rough seas which surround the coast. It is a beacon of hope for all the ships on the sea and a guide to safety for the people aboard.

Light is not something that can be contained, you don’t turn a light on in a room and say ‘this light is for me, but not for you, you can’t use it to see by, it’s only to help me.’ Whether we like it or not everyone can see it and use it, it affects everyone. You cannot choose.

We are all called to be lights, like St Clare, to brighten the darkness of this world. Put your light on in the darkness today, by a smile, by a hand of friendship. It’s contagious and will fill the world with love. Just you wait and see. Remember we are praying for you. Sr Anežka