Jesus' birthday party!

“Ding Dong merrily on high.” Oh don’t you just  love Christmas? The lights, the colours and the tree. The songs, the carols and of course the Christmas smell of sweets and treats and cooking. But mostly don’t we all love Christmas for what it means? Christ-mass, truly Jesus is the reason for the season and each year we put on a big party, a birthday party for Him. We remember the most wonderful day that has ever been, the day Jesus came down to visit us.

Do you want to know something very sad though? A lot of people have forgotten that Christmas is all about Jesus, they have forgotten or have never known that it is His birthday. Isn’t that so very, very sad?

Could you imagine someone coming to your birthday party and never saying happy birthday to you, not even knowing that it’s your birthday. It’s your party and that you were the reason for the party, they might even pretend that you’re not there, wouldn’t that hurt you? So what do you think we, that is you and I, should do about this? This is Jesus birthday party, do you think we should let people know? How can we do that? Well, let’s try and put Christ (Jesus) back into Christmas!

To do this we first need to remember ourselves, that it’s not about how many gifts we get, but how many gifts we give Jesus. Yes, that’s right we need to give Jesus gifts. So how can we give Jesus a gift? Well that’s easy, when we are nice to others, friendly and kind, this makes Jesus so happy, it puts a smile on baby Jesus’ face. When you have done your good deed you could run right then and there and tell baby Jesus what you have done. You could go to the crib under your Christmas tree and tell Him or if you have a picture of Jesus in your house you could go to the picture and tell Him. Maybe you could write down the good things you have done and wrap in up to give to Jesus as a gift on Christmas day, wouldn’t that be such a nice gift for baby Jesus to receive, all your love, wrapped up in a little parcel.

Once you have remembered that it is Jesus’ party you can then tell others. Tell everyone you meet about Jesus and the fact that He was born and that it’s His birthday party, that we are celebrating. This way you are being little missionaries and Pope Francis want us all to be missionaries, telling people about Jesus’ love.

You could also ask your mum, dad, grandparent, aunt or uncle to read you the Christmas story from the Bible, this will help you remember the sweet baby Jesus who was born to say ‘I Love You’.

So have a Happy and Merry Christmas on the 25th December and remember Jesus and His love for each and every one of you.

See you in two weeks time, and until then keep safe and remember, we are praying for you. You might like to read St Clare's 1st letter to St Anezka during your Christmas Hols.
 Sr Anežka