Mother Abbess

Mother Damian's vocation story

We are Poor Clare sisters. We were founded by St Clare of Assisi over 800 years ago. We are a cloistered community, living a Gospel life, that is, putting prayer into our world.

Mother Damian is our Abbess, here at Ty Mam Duw. We are a community of 13 sisters.

When I entered I found life very different to the life I lived in the world. At first it was not easy,  postulants has many ups and downs. My first down was when I was sent to the laundry to help. The sisters started to pray the rosary and they asked me for a prayer intention and to start the next decade of the rosary. I was not use to praying with people and felt very out of place so I ran away, back to the noviciate, where I felt safe. 

Praying with other people was something I had to learn. Each of us when called has to learn something new. Even though I have had many experiences like this one, I have never thought of exchanging this life for another. My life here at Ty Mam Duw is one of daily service in very ordinary things.

My motto for life is:  Look up to heaven dear one, which calls us forward, for all things will be well in Jesus.

May you find a life that you would not exchange for all the gold in the world.

Mother's Feast.

This Tuesday, 25th August, is our dear Mother Damian’s profession anniversary. It is a wonderful day of celebration for us as a community. Do you celebrate your mum’s birthday or maybe your parents wedding anniversary? Do you give them breakfast in bed or maybe even a present? Well this day is like that for us. We decorate the house, the refectory where we eat, make her presents and even eat breakfast together as a community, this is a thing which we hardly ever do as Poor Clares.

For two days we celebrate Mother's profession 25th/26th, we have a feast day dinner with cake or ice cream for dessert and even watch a movie on one of the nights. It’s lovely to be able to celebrate as a community, gathering around our Dear Mother, thanking God for all that she is and does for us in so many small and vast ways.

 The task of the Mother Abbess in a Poor Clare house is to be a mother to all the sisters. She is a mother to the sisters, not a ruler/superior or tyrant but a loving mother to her children. St Clare in her rule talks about the sisters obeying her out of love not fear. That is how it is with our Mother Damian. We all love and respect her very much as I am sure you do your mum. That is why we are such a bonded community, like one big family, working together, living together and loving each other.

 I hope you will join me in praying for our Dear Mother and all her intentions, asking God to bless her on her special day.  And as always remember, we are praying for you. Sr Anežka