Eppy and Lily

The other day, Eppy, our little black puppy, found a wasp nest in our garden and was stung. The poor little thing came running to me for help, she wanted me to get the horrible things out of her long coat, they were hurting her. I managed to get the wasps out and though she was sore and frightened, after putting some vinegar on the stings and a lot of cuddles she made a full recovery. 

The next day Lily, Eppy’s honey coloured sister, was sick and I spent the whole day looking after her, keeping her warm and cleaning her up.
I began to feel like a nurse and I thought ‘this is just like being at an animal hospital.’

 Do you know of St Martin de Porres? People say he was the first person to have the idea of an animal hospital, way back hundreds of years ago. St Martin was a Dominican friar and was so kind and gentle that he even cared for the mice in the kitchen and would always make sure that they had enough to eat. Can you imagine that? Making sure the little mice have enough food to scavenge. 

When little creatures were sick, the mice, the birds and the stray cats, people would bring them to St Martin and he would look after them and bring them back to health. Isn’t that wonderful? You see, St Martin loved God so much that this love spread right out to the love of all God’s creatures.

Have you ever found a baby bird in your garden or maybe an egg that has fallen out of the nest? It can be fun to play nurse and try to find its home. It is so rewarding to know that you have helped save life.

When I was very young I found a baby bird at the bottom of a little tree. I could see the nest, so I ran and found some big leaves, (mummy birds don’t like it if their babies smell of humans). I climbed the tree and put the baby bird back into it’s nest and then ran back into the house before the mummy bird returned. I don’t know what happened to that little bird but it filled my heart with such happiness to know that I had helped him and saved his life. It is so nice to do good things and to help people and animals. So on St Martin’s feast day, the 3rd November, I think we should try to be a little like St Martin and see what good things we can do.  We could save a little bird or mouse, we could be kind and help a bumble bee to escape or place a little spider outside the house away from the dusters. See what good deeds you can do today.

See you next week when I will tell you about another St Martin and his coat, and remember, we are praying for you. Sr Anežka