Sr Elizabeth

Sr Elizabeth's vocation story

This is Sr Elizabeth.

She is the Vicaress of our community

  • My life before God found me was pretty much without direction or purpose. I was very young and I had never known anything even resembling normal family life. My school life – such as it was – was a misery and I didn’t really learn anything.

  • When I entered the Poor Clare Order as a postulant it was like stepping into another universe, but not always an easy one. Not being used to applying myself, I found a life regulated by bells hard and I felt I constantly had to get up and go somewhere else which I found trying. The hours of prayers were long, and, to me, tedious. I think the greatest challenge was work – especially working in the garden. Sent out to weed or dig I longed for someone to call me in, but mostly no one did. Monday morning, after a restful Sunday I dreaded – and even the word ‘work’ made me feel as if I was on my way to martyrdom. However, I struggled on, but have always felt that the garden did more for me than I did for it.

  • Even now I have to struggle to face up to the challenges of everyday life, but I have learned that fulfilment and real happiness and even joy comes not from dodging challenges but facing them, even though I often fail in this.

  • My motto for life is: