St Colette

St Colette

This coming Saturday is the feast of our Holy Mother St Colette, the 7th February Being a Poor Clare Colettine community it is a very important feast for us and it is also a day of great grace.
On the feast of St Colette each year we invite people to come here, to Ty Mam Duw, to receive a blessing with the relic of St Colette’s veil during Holy Mass.

When St Colette was alive a man came to her begging that she pray for his baby who had died, he was very sad because the baby had died before she could be baptised. St Colette wrapped the little baby girl in her veil and prayed, and the little baby came back to life. That little baby girl years later entered the religious house of St Colette and became a nun in St Colette’s community. Well, that very same veil has been handed down from generation to generation of Poor Clare’s and we are very lucky to have a piece of that veil here.

So around this great feast people come to have the veil containing the relic placed on their heads and our own dear Mother Damian will pray a blessing over them and their intentions, She will pray using the same words that St Colette prayed “May the Father in His mercy, the Son by His passion and the Holy Spirit the fountain of peace, sweetness and love, come down upon you and remain with you always.” 

Many people have been made well through the help of St Colette’s prayers, she is also the patron saint of mothers and babies, a lot of babies have been born through the prayers of St Colette. If you have any intentions you want St Colette’s help with, you could email us, and we will remember you at our Mass and put your name and intention under the veil of St Colette. If you live nearby you are most welcome to come to get your blessing in person. If you are unable to come, why don’t you ask someone in your family to lay their hands gently on your head and pray the Prayer of St Colette over you. St Colette is a mighty saint and prayer warrior, we are all safe within her arms.

Wherever and whoever you are she can help you and remember, we your little Poor Clare Colettines sisters are praying for you. Sr Anežka.