St Lucy

St Lucy

The 13th December is the feast of St Lucy (if you are interested in her Story check out December’s Saint of the month on Kid’s Cloister) It is traditionally a day of festival, the festival of lights. Lucy means light. It is a beautiful feast, and is very special to me because it is my clothing day.

Each year on the feast of St Lucy, we here at Ty Mam Duw celebrate. One sister is chosen to be St Lucy and another is Mistress Winter. The St Lucy sister is dressed in white with a crown of candles on her head and the Mistress Winter sister is dressed in black. Then as they say, ‘let the battle begin.’ 6 sisters behind St Lucy with candles in hand march forward, while St Lucy sings, wishing for light to win. The other 6 sisters are behind Mistress Winter and they are not to be out done, carrying evergreen and ivy braches in hand. Mistress Winter does not want her reign of darkness to cease and sings for winter to last forever.

But her battle is doomed for we all know that Christ is our light and the darkness has already lost. From this day onwards (traditionally) the days get a little longer until finally the spell is broken and summer is once more upon us. Mistress Winter admits defeat and joins the light side with her troops and we all sing “Christ is our light” down the Cloister towards the community room where we have refreshments after our wearisome battle for victory.

As I said this day is very special to me, as on this day 4 years ago I was clothed as a Poor Clare sister and received my new name. We Poor Clares are dressed as a bride on our clothing day, because this is like our wedding day. We are Jesus’ bride and are being given to Him, as a bride to her husband.
As a sign of this union we receive a new name, like your mum would have taken your dads last name on their wedding day, it is a sign of togetherness and newness.

So I would no longer known as Rebekah Gielen but now called ‘Sr Maria Anežka of the Finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple’. In being clothed in my religious habit, I accepted Jesus as my light. He is the light of my world and in following Him I too become a little light in the world, like St Lucy.

I exchanged my beautiful bride’s dress for the Poor Clare habit and white veil of a novice. And let me tell you I have never been happier. It’s wonderful to follow Jesus and to give your life into His hands.

Why don’t you light a candle on the feast of St Lucy and feel the warmth the light gives. Know that Jesus’ warmth fills your heart and His warmth tell’s you He loves you. Tell Jesus you love Him too and try to be a light in the world, like St Lucy.
Until next week, remember, we are praying for you. Sr Anežka