St Thomas Aquinas

Surprise the World!

St Thomas Aquinas, whose feast day is the 28th January, must be the most well known Doctor of the Church. As a famous thinker he has had many churches, schools, colleges and universities named after him. A man of great learning, he wrote volumes about Angels, so much so that he is called the ‘Angelic Doctor’.

He wrote lots about heaven, earth, and God and his relationships with His people. He had something to say about most matters, yet at the end of his life he said, pointing to his hundreds of books “it is all rubbish, compared to the beauty of God!” It is amazing to think that at school they called him ‘the dumb slow ox!’ Thomas was so humble and gentle he didn’t try to prove them wrong, instead he kept his wonderful thoughts to himself and prayed and often talked to God.

You know, you can never judge a book by its cover, I am sure those class mates of his felt pretty stupid when they saw what Thomas grew up to be, the great thinker of the church and of the world.

I have a cousin, who when he was little didn’t enjoy school, the teachers and kids called him stupid and told him he would get nowhere in life. He was teased because he had a stutter, but, underneath all that they saw and heard there was a great mind. He found the school work boring, because he wanted more. He is now very successful, loves his career and is the ‘face of success’ for his university.

So! You see, you shouldn’t let others tell you who or what you are. Hidden inside you could be the next great mind of the church or the next big star. God alone knows how important you are to Him and to His world. He made you and created you for some great purpose that you and no other can fulfil.

So let us today thank God for the gift of ourselves, however small we may be, knowing how important we are to God, and try to hold on to that great truth. Hidden inside all of us is a person of great beauty. If today you are called a slow dumb ox, or something of that sort, remember the great St Thomas and smile, knowing you too can surprise the world.

Go be someone beautiful for God and remember, we are praying for you. Sr Anežka