Back in Business!

Dear little Nesters,

Thank you so much for being patient in waiting for your next instalment on the ‘Consecrated Life’. I am happy to tell you that we are back in business!Most of the building and moving is now completed and the boxes unpacked. Thank you for your prayers for us and I hope you have remembered that you are in ours. Now let’s introduce you to Fr Michael.

This is Fr Michael.

He is a Diocesan Priest.
This means he trained in the seminary for a certain diocese (a region in the
church). He is under obedience to his Bishop and can be asked by him to 
move to any parish in the diocese.

           Fr Michael is the Parish Priest of St Lucy’s Catholic Church. This means he is responsible for that church and her parishioners. It is part of his vocation to say Holy Mass in the church during the week and most importantly on Sundays. He visits the sick of the parish and those who are housebound bringing them Holy Communion, hearing their confessions and anointing them.

Fr Michael is privileged to say the Holy Mass at the ceremony of those couples in his parish who are getting married. He baptises their babies and performs the funeral rites for those who have died. When he is not busy with administering the Sacraments of the Church (there are 7 sacraments of the church they are Baptism, Holy Communion, Confession, Confirmation, Marriage, Holy Orders and the Anointing of the sick)

Fr Michael makes sure the church buildings are kept tidy and in order. He organises a rota for parishioners to come and help out, sometimes he will get a duster and clean the pews.

Fr Michael takes marriage classes for couples wanting to get married, this is 
to make sure they understand how important the vows are, for marriage 
should be a lifelong commitment.

Fr Michael also runs classes for people who want to become Catholics. He 
teaches them about the Catholic Faith and prepares them for the Sacrament 
rof Baptism.

Fr Michael goes into the local school once a week to see 
the children and speak to them about God. It is 
important to Fr Michael to spread the Good 
News that Jesus loves them and he wants the young 
children grow to love Jesus with all their hearts.

Every Saturday Fr Michael goes to his local cricket club 
to play. As well as enjoying the sport, Fr Michael is also 
aware he is being a witness to the men he is playing with. 
They see that he enjoys the things they enjoy, that he is just an ordinary 
person with an extraordinary call, by being 
called to be a priest of God.

Hello and Welcome.

Hello and Welcome to this Ty Mam Duw children’s Blog.

I am Sr Anežka and I will be writing here each week to tell you about Jesus, our Franciscan way of life and a little bit about my own personal journey. 

I hope you will join me on this voyage to discovering Jesus and growing in love of Him. I am very happy to be able to share with you my thoughts and I hope that over the weeks we can get to know each other and Jesus a little better. 

This blog can be used in any way that you wish. Read by kids and kids at hearts. Read by parents and grandparents to children as bed time reading. My only wish is that, you will have fun and in having fun get to know more about Jesus. 

As I said, my name is Sr Anežka, I’m a Poor Clare Colettine sister at Ty Mam Duw (this is Welsh meaning ‘the house of the Mother of God’) I’m not Welsh, I’m actually from New Zealand. Do you know where that is? It’s a whole world away from Wales and the UK. I came all the way from little New Zealand to little Wales so that I could love Jesus in the best way that I knew how. I wanted to be Jesus’ bride, and belong totally to him. 

I live in a little monastery with 13 sisters, two puppies and a dog. Squirrels, moles, birds and the occasional bunny, come as go in our garden as they please. 

We live here loving Jesus and praying for the world, which means we pray for you, your family and friends. We also do fun things like grow our own vegetables, bake cakes and make jam from our fruit which we grow in the garden. We do lots of others craft things which we put into our little craft room. People can come to see us, and they can come to hear Holy Mass and best of all they visit Jesus in our chapel. I hope that you will tune in here to explore the world within the walls of our cloister with me, bye for now and remember Jesus loves you and we are praying for you. 

Sr Anežka.