Cavapoo Chronicles

Hi! I’m Eppy. 


This is a picture of me, cute ha?! 
Yes, I know that I’m adorable. 
People say I’m a Cavapoo, half Cavalier Spaniel and half poodle.




Oh! By the way, only if you’re interested to know it doesn’t really matter, but I have a sister, Lily. 
This is her.

Yip, not as cute as me but, bloods thicker than water you know. I’m the writer in the family, the brains too.
Lily, poor thing can’t even spell, but I love her anyway.



I live in the Poor Clare Monastery. 

I have pets that live with me too, these are my pets.


And especially these two, they’re more like my servants, they dote on me something chronic, and they absolutely love me. 

I accept and tolerate their adoration. Anyway, more about me, don’t want to bore you. So, besides being completely adorable and highly intelligent, I have other amazing qualities, which if you stay tuned you will find out. 


I’ll be reporting on behalf of the clarion canines  (because Lily can’t spell). Have you ever wondered what goes on behind these walls? Well, I’ve got the goss for you; seen from our height the world can look quite different, stay tuned to discover the antics of the Clarion Cavapoos on CC Reports.