Christmas treats!


Well I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. I know it might seem like months ago now, but actually it is just over a month and we are still in the Christmas season. Thursday, is the feast of the Presentation of the Lord and the end of Christmas. In the monastery we celebrate Jesus’ birthday for a whole lot longer than other people. We, Lily and I that is, had some lovely gifts over Christmas. Some very kind people brought us delicious cans full of yummy mouth-watering food, which was such a luxury and we got bags of treats too.
Its very degrading what we have to do for a treat, nothing is free in this world and never a truer word is said. We have to roll over, sit, beg, shake hands and all of that sort of palaver, for what?! For one little messily treat. I try to tell myself ‘this is beneath you, don’t enter in to it.’ But the problem is, I want the treat!!!
Oh well, we all have our weaknesses and mine is treat! 




You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I’m telling you why, Santa Claus is coming to town.......

Dec .JPG

Actually he’s already been, well, to our monastery anyway. He came last Tuesday. And actually his name is St Nicholas. Lily was frightened of him, but I stayed my ground and even deemed him worthy to pick me up! I am brave.






Have you been good this year? I of course am always good and I received a nice chewy bone, Lily did too. Though I don’t know why, she is never good, always setting a bad example by following the human pets around, sitting when told to, going to bed when told to. It’s hideous!


St Nick told my pet sisters all about how good they have been and all the good acts they have done this year, including, wait for it...... taking ‘dogs’ for walks, washing ‘dogs’ and the worst of all, clipping ‘dogs’!!!!! How rude! First of all, who is he calling a ‘Dog’? That is not my pedigree. I am so far above that, I’m a Cavapoo! Secondly, I take them for walks! Honestly, who sent him all this ‘wrong’ information? And thirdly, they should not be praised for that most unnecessary and frightful of jobs, the ‘washing and clipping’! That is where I draw the line! He is honestly lucky I didn’t bite him. But never fear I left him all in one piece for the sake of my dignity. He may be on his way to your house next, beware all you canines out there.