poor clare life

Sr Anežka's vocation story

This is me, Sr Maria Anežka of the finding of the Child Jesus in the Temple. 
I am from New Zealand.
I am the youngest of the community and I was an only child. 
This is a little about my journey to God.

My Motto of Life : Do not Dare not to Dare. 

Sr Amata's Vocation Story

This is Sr Amata
She is one of our Portress'.
Lets hear what she has to tell us.

Since I became a religious sister I have learnt the value of humility, which is recognising the truth about myself. I am journeying with Jesus, I am in His loving presence, I try to please Him, and I trust that He will take care of me. 
All that I do throughout the day, when done for the glory of God, is life giving to the world. It doesn’t matter what task I am doing, whether I am performing the simple tasks of cleaning, washing up or whether I am praising God in the chapel. 

As I journey with God I carry others with me in spirit and I can share in their suffering as well as their joys, through prayer. Truth has to be born and nurtured on many levels and this involves a suffering which is life giving. I am called to live a life of praise and thanksgiving to the Lord.

My motto of life: Jesus - our Life.


This year is now coming to an end, Advent is just around the corner, and Christmas seems to be upon us again and the year of Mercy is about to begin. To end this wonderful year of consecrated life we here at Ty Mam Duw, the House of the Mother of God, thought you might like a sneaky peek into our lives.

Each sister has a different story to tell, and has travelled a different road to the monastery/religious life. We have sisters from Germany, London, the Philippines, New Zealand and all over England, sisters who were students, teachers, nurses, and volunteers, before they entered. They had degrees in biology, midwifery, music and many more. We have sisters who were cradle Catholics, Protestants, Anglican and Atheist before they entered here in Hawarden to join their lives to God.

So we thought that each week we would give you the chance to meet a different sister and hear a bit about her life, and what lead her to this place, a journey from the world to a life with God.

Next week meet Mother Damian and hear what she has to tell you about her discovery of God. Until then know you are in our prayers. Sr Anežka