Tony’s tales

Tony and his mother, Michaela, move out of the big city to a small village in north Wales. Tony has no particular faith, His only claim to fame is a step-grandpa who is a Presby-something.
But you have to start somewhere...

Read the stories first and then look at the background notes.


In his old school, Basham Street,
they all needed locking up,
starting with the staff,
if they caught you behind
the lavatories at Basham Street
you could give up living.

Don't pull us apart

Tony had also taken to
Horatio Small
who stammered a bit
but really liked books and
who had to be protected
from irritating Wayne!

Lost: One Cavapoo

She just reached his shoulder
and her long fingers were
tiny compared to his.
She also talked more;
but then she spoke three languages
so he supposed she had more to say.